Monday, December 8, 2008

The Office

hey everyone! i know i haven't written a blog in a while but i can pretend i have an excuse!
the greenhouse is getting crazy busy.... or that's what they tell me.

just about every morning or at least every evening my mom has to run to the green house to have another whiteboard meeting which i could imagine probably looks somthing like this...

we went a hwole week without a home cooked meal

and the car now looks like this...

but were still happy considering our other option was this...

so at the greenhouse its been pretty busy and employees are staying late. this gives me the perfect opportunity to ... bug/annoy them. (sorry guys):D

Trevor is definitely my main man

the other day me and my cousin toiletpapered his computer...hehe.... but he found us hiding under a desk waiting to get footage of his reaction on a cell phone:S sorry about the picture everyone, i got a few complaints on the placement of his hairline, but i just like to say im optimistic.

lynda our grower, is also perty awsum to bug.

she supplys all the kids in the greenhouse with minty fresh gum! she likes to help me and my cousin bug Trevor. sorry to rat you out Lynda, but every singly prank we play on trevor , lynda usually knows about.
we also toilet papered her computer right after she helped us toilet paper trevors computer, and you could tel she definitely wasn't expecting that:D

the last worker that i will tell you about is Emily(more commonly known as "the candy lady")

she is definetly the hardest working member in the ofice..cough*cough:D
you can always finder in her little corner marking all the invoices (not even sure what that is but she always tells me how much she hates invoices):D

i made sure my picture for Emily was accurate with the commonly seen bags under her eyes during the Christmas season.(must be all those invoices)

and i like to end with a completely random picture so here it is


Colleen said...

Heheh... Breanne you are too funny. Better hope no one from the greenhouse reads this :P

Lynda said...

Fantastic job Breanne! I love it!

breanne said...

hehe... thanks.... not too mean?

Tamara Jansen said...

You could clean out my car for me, you know! That would be a really nice thing for a daughter to do for her very busy mother :)