Tuesday, December 2, 2008

my mom said i had to start a blog

for the past few months my mom has been bugging just about everyone to start a blog and shes been spending an incredibly large amount of time on her own blog "the greenhouse diaries". so i started a blog which i figured would be the perfect opportunity to make fun of my mother(sorry mom):D

my mom definitly has her moods and i thought it would be pretty awsum to show everyone how she realy acts and how we, me and my brothers and sisters, cope with her different moods.

my moms first mood and probly the most common mood around here we call

"Your Going To Play The Second Movement Whether You Like It Or Not!"

when she is in this mood the best thing we can do is fill the dishwasher or turn on the washing machine (even if its empty somehow the sound just seems to soothe her)

the next mood we call " one to many glasses of wine"

when she is in this mood its usually safe to tell her about the math test you just failed or the lesson you accidentally forgot.

this mood is called "im just.......................dissapointed"

if you see her looking like this you have to remind her about that time you turned on the dishwasher or pour her a glass of wine and turn on john and kate plus 8
(it helps her see that she really dosnt have it as bad as she thought)

the last mood is called " not now... im blogging!!!"
when she is in this mood you know you can get away with anything, even doing a big job in her toilet. no worrys she wont even notice you if you walk right past her!

yup those are my moms moods
but my moods on the other hand usualy consist of "feeling like drawing" and in a socials class you always get the chance:)

pic from todays class:


Tamara Jansen said...

You are an amazing artist! Keep on Blogging because I'll be checking back up on you :)

Rosa said...

LOL!! Yep that looks about right!
You sure are an amazing artist. :)

marina said...

What can I say about your drawing!!! You surelly have it!
I must say that all mothers have the same look at the similar situations. To be sure I'll ask my daughter tomorrow about that cause she's sleeping now!
She draws too during lessons on a paper, her shoes, her hands...

Rose B. said...

Hilarious!! Keep blogging!!

momofcrt said...

Excellent rendition of your mom!!
Excellent drawing skills!
(mom's cousin, daughter of Aunt Ineke, living in Neerlandia)

breanne said...

thanks for all da compliments:)... but you realy dont have to:S i drew these in the dark at 11:30 at night...anyways thanks again:) i didnt know people actualy read these things!:D

Gina @ Six in the Country said...

Your art is amazing! My daughter's name is Breanne -- you are the only other one I know of!

Nancy-Mom said...

Oh, yes Brianne, we read these things, very closely, so look out what you write or draw :o) !!!!
Boy, pretty soon I won't have time to do anything else but read blogs all day !

Jenny said...

Great post! Believe it or not, you too will have those expressions. One way or another, you WILL turn into your mother, lol. There's no way to stop it, so enjoy poking fun at her while you can. I'm looking forward to more of your posts! Great drawing too!